Dear  Aspiring Mompreneurs & New Entrepreneurs,

Picture1My name is LaTersa Blakely. I am The Mommy Maven, Life Coach and successful Mom Entrepreneur. To date, I have more than 8,000 fans world wide. My work has been featured as the 2011 and 2012 leading moms in business , also N emerged winner and best selling author of my award winning book: MOMPRONEUR.

I help women to become mompreneurs by making reliable income from the comfort of their home using the knowledge and skills that they already have. One of my students, Anitra White had heavily paying clients within two weeks of learning my tips and tricks to earn sustainable income online. Another of my mompreneur student,  Danielle Gardner sold her first baby shower gift after taking one of my classes.

If you want to have the flexibility of working from home, making money and spending more time with your family, then I will encourage you to keep reading, grab a glass of wine and feel relax in your sofa. Here’s Why:

Not long ago, I was Living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to makes ends meet. I was working as an Administrative Assistant in Pittsburgh earning Minimum wages. I barely had enough money to do anything for myself. On top of that, nearly all of my paycheck went into childcare.  I was just working very hard but earning little wages to  pay childcare, I was angry with my job, and resentful of my husband.

I STEPPED out with faith to start my gift business which has since changed my entire life!

Now, I work from home, making HUGE money and I no longer complain about NOT being able to support my husband financially.

But HOW in this WORLD do you make HUGE money from home?

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